Our mission is to genuinely help people who frankly don’t know what to do when confronting debt issues. With us, it’s not all about making money for our firm. Instead, it’s all about helping you, by focusing on your specific situation and guiding you in the right direction given your extenuating circumstances.

Texas Resolution Group is truly unique by providing a revolutionary attorney assisted debt resolution system for today’s time, when people are so confused about the options and defenses available to them. For 15 years we have been setting the standard for quality and value within the debt resolution industry by providing a dynamic and inexpensive virtual debt resolution process. There’s typically no physical meeting for both parties to attend. The principle parties continue about their normal business while our resolution process toggles between the parties to effectively communicate until a mutually acceptable resolution is reached.

This efficient process saves time and money and is more convenient for both parties, especially if there is geographic distance factor or if the parties are busy.

  • Our resolution process removes the potential discomfort of face-to-face meetings.
  • Our resolution process allows each party the leisure of time to carefully deliberate their position (or consult with others if needed) removing the pressure to make responses or decisions at a meeting table.
  • Our system allows the resolution process to quickly commence without scheduling delays.
  • Our resolution process saves you significant time and money!

Rules & Procedures

More “user friendly” than dealing with collection agencies and courts

Public Policy

Virtual process means there are no physical meetings for the parties to travel and attend.

Our Fees

Cost efficient not only for our clients, but also for us


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